7.62x33 Carbine "PS 82" ID

PS is tricky for me. Which plant of which country produced it?


The headstamp looks like Poongsan, South Korea.

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It is Poongsan, but it is a reload. The originals had a brass primer.

While I agree with Ron that the “P S 8 2” round pictured appears to be a reload (chamfered primer pocket edge and the look of the primer cup, as well as the absence of a primer seal. I am not sure if Ron is referring to all such South Korean military .30 Carbine rounds when he says “originals have brass primer cups,” or if he is just referring to this date. One has to be careful, though. I have “P S 8 0” in .30 Carbine with both brass cups and nickel. The nickel-cup round is totally factory and original - no extractor or ejector marks and no case-head expansion. Further, both rounds have the same red primer seal, and a close examination indicates in both that the primer seal is both on the primer cup and the sides of the primer pocket, important in deciding if a primer has been replaced or not.

So, long story short, it is not impossible to find a “P S” military .30 carbine round, original, with a nickeled primer cup.

John–Thanks for the information about the nickel primers being used in some factory loads. All the P S .30 Carbine rounds I had seen always had the brass primers. Just assumed (always a BAD thing to do) that all normal production by P S was brass cupped.