7.62x33 M1 Carbine dummy


This was sold to me as a dummy. How to tell? Did I just waste 75 cents?


Hi Vlad,
I know these came mixed, (in the same box), with Dummies with blind primer pockets also. It should have a CN bullet and not a GM bullet, like the loaded rounds.
And if I’m wrong, I’m sure someone will correct me:)


Dan is correct. this is a legitimate dummy if it has a tinned bullet. Brass case dummies come with and without holes in the case, and with and without flash hole in the primer pocket, all with the 43-44 date range. Tinned-case dummies of the same period have a GM bullet. I forget if you find both GM and GMCS or just one or the other, but they are Gilding metal color regardless, again, if in tinned cases. The ones in plain brass cases are a grayish-silver in color.

John Moss


Here is the side view.


Completely legit. Condition doesn’t make it any bargain even at 75 cents, but then, any cartridge you don’t have, even if it came out of a box of 50 for 5 dollars for the whole box, is worth 75 cents as an individual cartridge!

John Moss