7.62x37 MUSANG from the Philippines

I do not recall that this caliber having been discussed here before.
Are any variants/loads known?

Tiburcio Adrian II Umbac uploaded this image to


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I am convinced you know, but to make sure it is not overlooked:
According to Jane’s, Heckler & Koch made a short barreled silenced rifle called SL9SD (based on SL8) for a subsonic cartridge which Jane’s calls 7.62 mm x 37.
I know nothing about that cartridge and wonder if your discovery might be the SL9SD ammunition.

Isn’t that one of the “new” calibers out of Indonesia?

Hi, here are some pics of that HK Cartridge-variations made by RG for HK…

thank you very much for the photos.

Having the same cartridge like mentioned above, first from the left - moly coated bullet and the primer is sealed by green see-through lacquer - does it mean something or it’s just the water proof seal?

Another picture of the 7.62x37 MUSANG: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/7.62×37mm_Musang#/media/File:7.62×37mm_Musang_cartridges_on_display.jpg

Jochem, I actually wonder if the HK is now related to the “MUSANG” or if it is just coincidence as necking up a 5.56x45 to 7.62mm does not leave much room for very different case geometries.

As we see the HK project is about 16 years old and the “MUSANG” is rather new given the date on the box.

And here the evidence for my weak memory:

According to the Musang site the case is similar to HK but a slightly different shoulder…below is from their page:

The 7.62x37mm as a caliber is not new. Heckler and Koch’s development team of nutty Bavarians came up with their own 7.62x37mm cartridge almost twenty years ago when they took the SSK .300 Whisper, itself based on a .221-Remington case, and necked it down to accommodate a large (up to 220-grain) bullet. This round is used on their proprietary and slow selling HK SL9SD subsonic sniper rifle. The Pilipino development team has chosen to use a 5.56x45mm NATO case instead. This gives the Musang an ever so-slightly more rounded shoulder that either the Whisper or the H&K round even though the tolerances are within millimeters of each other. The subsonic Musang, loaded with handgun-grade propellants, is optimized for use with suppressors and delivers a solid 250-grain thump in close quarters combat scenarios. It should be remembered that the Philippine military is heavily involved in counter-insurgency/counter terror operations against Islamic radicals and it’s no doubt that this round is needed. In fact, if an insurgent chambers a readily available 5.56mm round into a captured Musang rifle, he could be in for quite a bad bad.

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The Indonesians (Pindad) also developed a “300” type Counter insurgency (“Police”) type cartridge, and a Weapon to fire it. it is the 7,65x45? ( not sure on case length), It follows long term Indonesian Policy of having a different calibre for Police from that of the Armed Forces ( even in the first years of Independence, the Police got all the “left over” Dutch, Japanese, and Allied rifles of “strange” calibres, whilst the AD (Armed Forces Got all the single Calibre Modern stuff ( 7,62 Nato, .30/06)

Basically it (the 7,65) is an over-grown M1 Carbine Cartridge, but using the 5,56 case size. (short, roundnosed Projectile), fired from a Berretta 70/90 Platform. See the Pindad Webpage.

Doc AV

Looks functionally identical (although incompatible) with .300 Blackout/Whisper.

Doc, the case length of that round is 44.6 mm. Close guess.