7.62x38R Nagant multiple questions


This is my first Nagant catch, 2 boxes of various headstamps. Soviet headstamps were easy to ID, but I need clarifications on these ones.

What time period is this Leon Beaux? Why did Italians make this ammo?

This one seems to have no headstamp, what is it?

What period is this Polish round? Did Poland use M1895?

Does “N” stand for “Nagant”? Probably.

Again, why did French make this ammo, contract with Russia? And when?


I believe the N on the Polish cartridges indicates Norblin, supplier of the metal from which the cases were produced. Jack


Here is a box by P.W.U. Fabryka Amunicji, Skarźysko-Kamienna:


The headstamp FAS - is Fabrika Amunicii Skarzysko, round was made for commercial market.
Poland used Russian M1895 Nagants and also produced it’s own version at Radom


In Poland, before the WWII the Nagant wz. 30 (pattern 1930) revolver was mainly used by the National Police. It was a revolver made by the Radom’s Firearms Factory. During a short period of time after the WWII the soviet Nagant revolver was used by the Polish Army.


Here is a scan of the same cartridges as on top, arranged left to right. There is quite a variation between them. Is that normal? All are unfired except SFM (the last one) even though it still has a projectile inside.


Vlad, that SFM one could be a dummy since as we see it is very difficult to insert a projectile without having a special crimping/necking tool.
It also may be a misfire.

The variation in the upper case sections is normal between the various manufacturers.


Leon Beaux made this cartridge for civilian use, as did Fiocchi. Fiocchi still list it in their “old fashion” catalog, along with other obsolete cartridges such as the 380 Revolver or the 10.35 mm Glisenti


Fully confirm.



Left to right: Leon Beaux, SFM and a Soviet round (hs “38 40”) for comparison. Leon Beaux has 2 punch crimps, Soviet - 3 punch crimps and SFM - none. So, is SFM a dummy? Also, does 1940 pre-evacuation date make a round more desirable or the other way around?