7,62x39 "539" dummy/drill rounds

Can anyone tell me whether dummy/drill rounds with 539 headstamps, both chrome plater and copper plated, with 6 longtitudal flutes in the case and bullet, are Russian or Finnish?
According to an old binder of 2-300 pages which was used to index a long-gone collection these are Finnish made dummy rounds with Russian (Tula) cases.

You can see them here, nr. 4 and 5 from the left on the back row:

Can anyone confirm or deny these being Finnish??

I have a 7,62x54R dummy, HS “VPT 42”, which is also chrome plated and has near identical flutings/cutouts in the case and bullet. This makes my belief stronger in that it makes sense the Finns would use same methods for marking the rounds…


Ole, these are as Finnish as Finnish can be.

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Thanks Alex - I was pretty sure but not 100% sure.
Did you get my last email?


Ahaha, yes!!!
Got it, read it, intended to answer and miserably failed! Sorry!
Was very busy last week and have plenty of mails and issues in the cue.
Shall get back to you soon!