7.62x39 & 7.62x54R Zambia

Are there other Zambian hs known than “Z28 90”.

Any info on existing hs, loads and details on the factory are welcome.

Is there really no other year than 1990?

EOD–That is the only round I am aware of.

Ron, thanks. Seems we need to find more years then as the factory must have produced for longer than one year I guess.

Does anybody know who actually made them? (factory name and location)

EOD–I have it listed as “Unknown Factory”. Just a wild guess, but a convenient factory that was producing in the same time frame would be Zimbabwean Industries, Zimbabwe. I have ball rounds from this factory headstamped 92 ZI and 97 ZI. However, the Zambia rounds are Copper Washed Steel while the ZI rounds are Brass. I would guess that whoever made the Zambia rounds was using Chinese equipment.

Yes, I also excluded Zimbabwe as for their brass.

So we are still on the question of if Zambia has a factory.

Has ever anybody seen the Zambian packing material?