7.62x39 AP by NWM

I was discussing the NWM made 7.62x39 (declared 38mm by NWM) with a friend and found that there are a couple of open questions.
So far we know the cartridges with black and red PA.
Now I heard there is a black tipped NWM round also.

Here a box by NWM marked in Dutch. This alone is out of the row as the other known “non-AP” are all marked in German (made for German tests I understood).
Was the AP development a domestic Dutch issue?
And does anybody have a confirmed AP that would belong to this box?

Here some of the ball loads, partially with soft steel core.:

All images from the internet. Some may be even from older postings on this forum.

Some of these photos were posted here on the forum in 2007: NWM 7.62x38

Here is the headstamp photo originally from the above listed thread.


Brian, thanks. I am aware of these two HS’ & PAs.
But what about the AP, how it looks, and what belongs to that Dutch language box?

2017 thread here on the Forum: 7.62x38 by NWM

Brain, great! I never saw that board which was in Harries edited thread it seems. (not flagged as new or edited thread - old issue).
And as we see this was my source for the images I had re-posted here.

If Harrie is reading this, could you maybe post a higher resolution imge of that board?

And: do the black tipped ones belong to the AP box?