7.62x39 blank by UTM

While looking for something else I found one of the latest UTM products. The 7.62x39 blank:
utmworldwide.com/product/7- … und-bbr-2/

There is also a 7.62x51 in this style:
utmworldwide.com/product/7- … und-bbr-2/

Alex, here you have some brochures of the 7.62x39 variations. Interestingly, these use 6.3x11R industrial power loads as a primer/propellant. Regards, Fede.

Fede, I did not have these sheets, thanks a lot!

Here a photo I dug up on the UTM site showing the actual MMR variant.

Seems there is quite some variations we have to research in future:

recoilweb.com/wp-content/upl … le_001.jpg

Looks like a total of 4 different variations.

Jon, my count is on 5 actually.

I looked at that pic again, and it looks like 3 7.62x39 and 3 7.62x51.
If I look again it will probably be something different!

Jon, yes!

In Figures:
3 variants shown on that image and the 3 variants on the data sheets above from Fede giving us 6 in total. The only one appearing in both is the MMR, makes 6 - 1 = 5.

Or in words:
MMR (blue upper)
NLTA (black upper, black bullet) - here I am a bit uncertain what it actually is.
TBR (red upper)
SBR (white upper, one piece with fluted projectile mock up)
BBR (black upper, one piece with fluted projectile mock up)