7.62x39 Blank or Grenade Launching Blank?

Are these blanks or Grenade Launching blanks?

The one on top is a Russian standard blank and the other is an East German grenade blank.

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This the BIG container contents 720 pieces of 7,62x39 blanks



I am sorry but the blue-lacquered rose-crimped blank from DDR is not a grenade blank but a military tool cartridge used by engineers. Other colours are known to exist, I have only this very one…


So, is there a genuine DDR grenade launching blank?


Very nice can, gyrojet!

For what tool was it, Philippe? Do you have a chart of the colours?

For once I get to say “I’m sorry” to my dear friend Philippe R. I’m sorry, my friend, but you are not correct. The East German (DDR) blank shown in the picture in this thread is the Patrone M43 Ptr (Treibpatrone) grenade blank to the Gewehrgranate (rifle grenade) BG 73. It was made by Spreewerk L



Correct, and they do not have a manufacturer code (not in hs and not on the box)

Thanks for the info John! I really need to take a look at that book!

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Son dos libros. Uno es sobre la f

I agree that this blue tipped cartridge is in fact a grenade blank as has been described. I sectioned an example and found the powder charge to be
much greater than a standard blank cartridge, as would be expected.

Slightly off-topic, but can the two books on the DDR ammunition plants be found in the US or can they only be ordered from Europe? Any experience ordering books from this source?


I have no experience ordering these books from whatever source you are referring to - you didn’t mention the source? However, I would not have any problem with ordering them out of Germany - have never been scammed on any order with German dealers. The books were sent to me as they were published - am not even sure of the price they are. Whatever, they are worth it. Full color (except for reproduction of black and white factory drawings of course) and plenty of text, although all in German. The pictures are worth the price and many are self-explanatory, although captioned in German, and are basic enough that anyone with a little Patronen-Deutsch can read them. I can read a tiny bit of the text - wish I could read it all - but even not being able to read most of the text, I would not be without these books in my library even if I did not collect DDR cartridges. They are important works of the highest order. You will see things in them you will never see anywhere else.

When you want you can order by my,please let me know!!!
I always take them with me to the St-Louis show…

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And I will mail the books also…

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Mon ami, You are right - nobody is perfect. But in regard to being a friend, you come as close as anyone. By the way, I wish I knew 1/10th of what you do about German and Combloc ammunition! Keep those postings coming!

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