7.62x39 China for Saudi Arabia hs info

I just found a video which is showing Chinese 7.62x39 made for Saudi Arabia.

Does anybody know which hs were inside?

Here the images I have extracted:


Hi Alex, headstamp inside is 7.62X39 CBCC 05.

Fede, thanks! Can you confirm the “CBCC” and/or is that CBC of Brazil? What would seriously wonder me now.

Do you have an image of that hs?

This headstamp was posted by CanAm some time ago. Type “CBCC” on the search option and you will find the picture.

Fede, thanks again! I totally missed this thread:

Wish I had one of those…

Were these also found in Syria?

No, this video I found by accident but it caught my eye as it mentioned Saudi Arabia on the tins and I started wondering about the hs once the Ukrainian LCW ones had special head stamps.
Since the hs was not shown in the video I thought of asking here - just in case and voila.
As always I got all I need from the usual suspects :)

Yes, we received a container of this. I still have several cases in my collection

Cases, as in 1000± rounds, or cases, as in 1 or 2 fired cases?

[quote=“jonnyc”]Cases, as in 1000± rounds, or cases, as in 1 or 2 fired cases?[/quote] 1200rd wooden crates

I’d like to get a few examples down south here in the US.

You can thank Clinton for preventing that

Thank god you are not living in Germany where this caliber is forbidden for sports shooting and sowith almost not available…