7.62x39 Chinese Rubber Filled Dummies


For those of you who collect this caliber, you might want to go through your collection of Chinese Rubber Filled Dummies. Russ Cornell tipped me off to the fact that 80% of the ones that look like black rubber are actually translucent dense Red or Blue. Some are actually Black, but most are not. The “gray” ones are actually Greenish or Whitish. If you put a strong pen-light behind them you will see the translucent color. The “black” ones will only show the true color in the last 1/8 inch or so of the bullet, but the “gray” are translucent all the way to the casemouth.

Boy, just when I thought I was getting a handle on these 7.62x39’s something else comes to light (pun intended).


Ron - that is true of a “famous” Yugoslav dummy round in 7.92 x 57. Most are filled with red plastic and show red at the holes in the case and the tiny “anchor points” in the bullet. There is one date that shows black, and is found in a few collections. When you hold it up to strong light, it is actually a very dark red!

John Moss