7.62x39 country of origin or manufacturer

I have acquired a 7.62x39 cartridge with a “13 88” headstamp. It has a brass case, brass primer with dark sealer and a GM, FMJ bullet (non-magnetic). The IAA reference says “13” is an “Unknown Factory, Cuba”. Is this a Cuban cartridge? Or has new information come to light since this info. was posted?

any help would be appreciated.

this i a rsa production…(Southafrica), Ball version as starting with a 1

Full “battlepack”. No markings.

Fede, do you happen to know if the cases in this pack had headstamps?

Alex, they have the same 13 88 headstamp as above. This ammunition showed up in the US surplus market years ago.

Fede, thanks, I never saw the translucent pack!

Here the cuban original version, you mentioned in your question…but it has a steel case…


And Cuban brass cases have no hs at all or “PMV”.

I also have a brass-cased Cuban ball round with just “72” at 6:00.

Indeed, forgot these. The date range I know of is 70-74.

In my drawers I also find a red seals/ copper plated steel case/ no headstamp ball attributed to Cuba