7.62x39 DDR Plastic Dummy

What factory made the DDR black plastic with steel head Dummy.

DV (=Service Regulation) 61/5, "Katalog f

Ron - do you mean “blanks” as you said, or do you mean “dummies” (Exerzierpatronen)? I don’t know of any black plastic blanks from the DDR, and the Dr. Erani factory made dummies, not blanks. Some of that “wrong information” creeping in that Hans mentioned on another thread.

Ron wrote “blanks”, but I read “black” and “steel” I knew he meant “dummies”.

Hans - I know that you did, my dear friend. Just making the correction for those that might be reading this and don’t know about DDR ammunition. I wish I had 1/10th the knowledge you do about this stuff. I think it might have been you that originally told me about Arani!

Hans & John–Yes, of course I meant DUMMY, not Blank. I have edited my post to correct my mistake. I don’t know why I typed Blank. I guess it was late at night and I had my head up my A**. No excuse. Thanks, John, for catching that and correcting it.

Also, John, thanks for the info on Factory 10 in Egypt.

John, speaking about witch, it should be ERANI. :)

another example of your understatement. Sometimes I am closer to the source …
No, I’m innocent, Ron’s question lead me to the manual and the name Arani there made me curious. So this time you knew earlier than I did!