7.,62x39 Dummy Id

Hello all of you.
Can you help me with this 7,62x39 dummy cartridge?
I don’t know where was made.

Very thanks


The case was made in China in 1957.
This dummy was made from a fired case. Hard to tell who made them.

Very thanks Alex.

How did it come to you; what countries might it have passed through?

Finland made?

To what we know Finland never used Chinese cases and they added flutes for marking. These here are knurled.

Right now I am not even sure if these are military.

Hello Jonnyc.
I found it in last ECRA meeting, but i don’t remember who was the seller.i’m sorry, I can’t help you with this.

Anzov about Finland was my first idea, but i dummys from Finland and all are differents than this.

I saw a similar one from a Russian cartridge case, and therefore I preferred it.

For whatever little it is worth, I have the same. But not sure where I came by it. My 1st thought was also Finnish.

A similarly knurled case is shown here:

The real story on these dummies is that the late steve fuller had them made up in California. If I remember right steve said they were for a war movie.
russ c


Here are some examples out of the Fuller Collection.

Joe, do you know more on the movie story and use of these?

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Very thanks dor your help.
Nice to read you and know your history.



No, I do not.
Best to ask Russ.
I will send you my opinion via email.


A number of years ago Steve Fuller requested various 7.62x39 projos, which I had. So I provided them not knowing why. These projo’s have an uncanny resemblance. Actually, some I sent him were 7.62x45 CZECH. FYI