7,62x39 dummy rounds


I just received a couple of 7,62x39 dummy rounds, both headstamped ‘10 77’ but which have some differences between them. The one on the left has a dull plated body with both a case mouth crimp as well as 3 stab crimps, 120 degrees apart. it also has a single hole in the side showing the spring. The bullet has the same dull finish as the case.

The dummy on the right has a shinier plated finish with only a case mouth crimp. it also has the blackened bullet normally found with this sort of a dummy.

Are these common variants of this type of dummy and is that single hole in the side of the case a regulation one?

Happy collecting, Peter

  • @ enfield56: Is there a fired primer or an empty primer hole ??? Liviu 06/13/10


Whoops… I forgot to say.

Both of them have empty, 2 hole, Berdan pockets.



The one on the left is the variation I am familiar with. The degree of “shineyness” I think is purely related to how much use the cartridge has seen. Look at how bright the extractor grooves are…

I once had one of the variations on the left and it was in like-new condition and very pretty!



Perhaps it should be mentioned, for those that don’t know that might be reading this, that “10” identifies these cartridges as products of the company “Arsenal,” at Kazanlak (sometimes spelled “Kazanluk”), Bulgaria.

John Moss


I’ve seen quite a few of the dummies shown on the right hand side of the picture, most seem to be in very good condition. I thought that, given the slightly ‘used’ state of the other cartridge I’d match it with something that didn’t look too shiny.

The cartridge on the left has four features which are different to the common one. The case mouth crimp is different as are the three stab crimps , the bullet isn’t blackened and there is a hole in the side. It might be that this hole isn’t ‘official’ but there are still enough differences to make it a variation.

Happy collecting, Peter