7,62x39 finds at SLICS 2010


Those of us remaining abroad (MYSELF) are wondering if any new 7,62x39 were found.

Anything interesting to share???



Hans–I found very little in the way of 7.62x39. Nothing exciting. Got a few dates on common headstamps, but that was all. I did get a nice bunch of South African loads, but they were by separate arraignment with Will Reuter who brought them over specifically for me. Best of that bunch was a yellow tip “11 87”. If I remember correctly he said it was APIT, but I will have to email him to confirm it. Alos, both the long neck and short neck “Monard” loads.


Good evening Ron,

so you did not go there completely in vain. The yellow tipped RSA sound good, is it not a proof round???



Hans–The yellow tipped load MAY be a Proof, but I do not recall Will saying that is what it is. As usual at these types of show, your brain in in over-load and I can’t remember exactly what Will said. I will email him to get the correct information.


For a long time it was thought that it was either API or APIHC but I sectioned one to remove all doubt - it is APHC, with TC penetrator but no incendiary composition. Not proof either.



You are my kind of guy! When in doubt, cut one open and find out. We would have made great surgeons. ;) ;)

OK, what is APIHC and APHC ???




APIHC = Armor Piercing Incendiary Hard Core

APHC = Armor Piercing Hard Core

“Hard Core” referrs to a Tungsten carbide core.



Thanks. That’s kind of what I thought it might be but I wasn’t sure.

Are the cores actually tungsten carbide? As you know, the US AP is simply hardened steel.

I am getting worried. I am asking questions about 7.62x39! ;>) ;>) ;>)



Ray to my knowledge the “HC” always referred to Tungsten Carbide since alloyed steel cores usually are designated as “AP” only.

Maybe someone else has an official document or so.


Ray–It is only fair that you get interested in 7.62x39’s, since you have convinced me to add a number of Wildcats to my collection.



Were you looking for wildcats!!!


gyrojet–No, I was most likely just looking for an empty chair to set down in to rest.


I loved those bins that Jim Hamby had. Not only were they near to my table that I could keep an eye on my stuff, I also found: 2 KTW’s, several tracers, some exploder oddballs in 9mm, an American Ballistics .223, and a Mesko “Hornet” less-lethal .38spl - all for $1.00 each!


$1,00 each!!! you looked in the wrong box :)


You should look our prices
At once I will inform exchange rate. Two thousand roubles equal 68 dollars


I liked the $1.00 each price since those cartridges are found elsewhere in the show for $5.00 to $10.00 usually. I did not find any interesting 7.62x39 for myself either. I saw that Pepper had some API loads that did not last very long.