7.62x39 FIOCCHI

To my repeated surprise I have found this “FIOCCHI” 7.62x39 “made in Hungary” which are not makreted as “FIOCCHI USA” (with this hs) like those we discussed recently.

Does anybody know the headstamp?

midwayusa.com/product/183651 … tal-jacket

Alex, these cartridges are also headstamped FIOCCHI USA 7.62 x39. Early purple boxes are labeled “Fiocchi USA” and indicate “Made in EU”; later green boxes are labeled “Fiocchi” and indicate “Made in Hungary”. Cartridges inside are identical except for the primer material, which in the purple boxes is nickel and in the green ones is brass. This may not be consistent which all boxes, but it is what I have observed.

Fede, great info! Again thanks. So we are looking at the early box type here!

Just received a box from Midway. the box is green, identical to the one illustrated in the link above, and says “Made in Hungary”. The headstamp is “FIOCCHI USA 7.62X39” and it has a nickel primer. I will try to post a photo on my website tomorrow.


Lew, thank you for the confirmation!

Speaking of Hungarian-made Fiocchi ammo, I have the same experience from 9 mm Makarov. An earlier box says “Made in EU” on it. A later box of about the same color and pattern, and a little different features on the cartridges, says “Made in Hungary.” I also have a Fiocchi box “Made in EU” that I know is Italian manufacture. It seems that Fiocchi used the “EU” appellation for awhile, and then reverted to clearly stating the exact country of origin. I wonder if that follows thru in all calibers?