7.62x39 from Cu Chi firing range

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Great headstamp! Thanks for sharing.

Indeed! The latest (to me) known hs from Vietnam! Thank you for sharing!

Alex, by the way, I found the new logo of factory number 14 after it was absorbed by GAET (see previous discussion: Viet Nam post-VN War ammunition manufacture). Since then it is not longer designated Z114 but MCC 14 (Mechanical & Chemical Company Number 14).




Fede, how strange life can be!
Due to the new this new thread I decided to do a new “routine check” on #14 and found the logo too - about 2 hrs ago. Just another variant from a photo. Your’s is not distorted and may require less work to convert it for my database.

Here the one I have found:

I wonder now about the MCC, does it apply to all factories since GAET is the industrial / technical governing organization.
Can not check right now as I am leaving the house in a few minutes and will be back late.

Fede - I know that the initials “GAET” represent the name “Defense Economic Technical Industry Corporation,” but do you know the actual words and language that “GAET” stands for (possibly in French?).

John Moss

John, here their website:

And here the site when you click the “English” button:

Alex - I have already explored the web site of GAET, but found no sequence of words, either in Vietnamese or from the English version, that explain the exact words (not the name in English, necessarily, but the actual words) represented by the initials G. A. E. T., or if an acronym, what it stands for in whatever language the initials represent.

Hard to explain what I am looking for here. Hope this makes it clearer. Again, I know the English name of the Ministry of Defense Department is Defense Economic Technical Industry Corporation (GAET) but that doesn’t explain the actual words represented by those last for initials.

I don’t read Vietnamese at all, but the form of the letters would indicate an English or other European language meaning to GAET, perhaps French, since that is a second language of Viet Nam.

John Moss

John, GAET is the acronym of “General Administration of Economy and Technology”.



Fede - Great. Just what I wanted to know. I simply never take for granted these initials that so many groups and companies use in lieu of the full name. I guess its silly but these names are part of the picture and the study!

Muchisimas gracias, amigo!