7.62x39 from Hungary

Here is some excellent information from Mihaly Toth in Hungary. I wish I had charts like these from all the countries that make 7.62x39.

This is the AP/T load. I did not realize until Mihaly pointed it out to me that they come with two different lengths of the tip. See below for a comparison.

Does anyone know if the purple seal on the blank for Factory 23 has any special significance. Is it just a noise blank or possibly a Grenade Launching round like the white or silver sealed type?

Is there any way to enlarge the Sirok chart to make it more legible? It may be my monitor but I’m struggling to read the designation for the ‘blank’.

Jim–Is this any better?

Brilliant Ron! Thank you.


Russian blanks also have that colour seal and they are noise blanks. Maybe Mihaly knows better. What is/are the headstamp/s?

On Russian blanks color of painting does mean nothing (only serve as waterproof protection). For some time blanks were painted by purple/blue color (military 7.62x39 and 7.62x25 for movie makers) and later color for 7.62x39.