7.62x39 Geco

Has anybody in the US observed 7.62x39 cartridges with “Geco” hs?
There is one with a brass case (made by MFS/RUAG in Hungary) and another steel cased one made by Barnaul in Russia.

Are any images available of the boxes, hs and cartridges?

Alex, this is the best I have at the moment. The soft point bullet loading uses a typical Geco 20 rd box.

Fede, excellent! That is already a start! Thanks for that!

Admittedly somewhat off-topic: what is RUAG doing to the Geco brand?

Over two decades I fired about 2000 Geco 9 mm Luger a year. In my view, when the production switched from Stadeln to Thun, the quality requirements seemed to be relaxed. After first tests with the newly Hungarian manufactured catridges, my impression is that quality suffered further. I have stopped buying 9 mm Geco.

I read with interest that Barnaul is said to produce Geco brand. In my private tests Barnaul is the record holder of largest dispersion of bullet weight within an 20 round sample of commercial cartridges (.308 Win).

Then you will love to hear that Barnaul and MFS (Hungary) are having a joint venture and that RUAG (as the owner of MFS) is selling steel cased 9x19 made by Barnaul with hs “Barnaul-logo + MFS”.

You ask why? I guess because of making more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

RUAG owns the Geco trademark since May 1, 2008, one day after the registration made by Dynamit Nobel has expired.

Tat makes sense as Dynamit Nobel is owned by RUAG and the new owner kept on the registration I assume.