7.62x39 Hansen Yugo "extra loud blank" box

I’ve never seen Hansen blanks in any calibre (probably did not pay attention). Why were these marketed as “training blanks”, to train whom, dogs?


These are simple repacks of Blanks by PPYU for Hansen, using the Statndard Yugoslav 7,62x39 Blanks…which are “Very hot” when compared to DDR, Russian and Chinese 7,62x39 Blanks…we know,( from experience) as several US Movie Gun companies also have them in 50 round packs, from the same source…and we only use them in Bolt action guns ( Zastava Mini-Mausers) or for very heavily built LMGs ( with the BFA at maximum vent).

Doc AV

BTW, Corrosive as all H***.

I can attest from experience that the Yugoslavian blanks are indeed more powerful than the East German, US and Egyptian blanks I have also fired.

Does the heavier receiver of the Yugoslavian rifles allow for this extra power or is there a different blank firing adaptor for the Yugoslavian blakns?