7.62X39 Headspace Gauge

The word “MASSI” in the form of a trademark is stamped on the side of steel headspace gauges from the DDR. Doe anyone know the full name and address of this company?

The gauges have the following information stamped in either 2 or 3 lines:

MPi, Kar. LMG
Aussch. (or Gut.) 32,95 K-3 (or K-4 or K-5)

What are the abbreviated words and what does the K-3, K-4 or K-5 designate.

Did you mean “headspace” guage?

Good question about the markings. I suspect the “K” numbers might refer to “go”, “no-go” and “field” specs.


AKMS–Yes, I did mean “Headspace”, not "Headstamp. I wrote that in a foggy stuper (stupid) VERY earlier this morning. I have edited the title. Thanks.

I’m sure that the words do refer to “Go. No-go & Field” but I am interested in the actual German words.

I can only help you in part.
“Aussch.” is abbreviation for “Ausschuß” and stands for “Scrap: inspection not passed”
“Gut” stands for “Good: inspection passed”

The “K-…” also show on Polish gauges, so they must stand for some standardized criteria.