7.62x39 Headstamps

I just returned from a gun show where I picked up about 25 7.62x39 rounds.
I need some help with the following ID’s

  1. 05 85 :I know this is DDR, but what factory and where?

  2. 23 90 : I think this is Hungary, but what factory and where?

  3. 7.62 x 39 (logo–O with wavy line) 98 : Russia? What factory and where?

  4. 39x7.62 * * 70 (all in Arabic) :Egypt? What factory and where? Note that the caliber is written 39x7.62.

  5. 7.62 x 39 81 :Unknown. What factory and where?

Quick answer on the last 2. The Arabic one is from Syria. The one from '81 is Finnish if it has a GM bullet, Syrian if GMCS. It appears to be Finnish to me.

Jon C–The 7.62x39 81 has a magnetic bullet. Do you know what factory for 4 & 5?

Jon, sorry, that one sould also be Syrian. The Finns are using the same headstamp (for a certain export contract) but both can be easily distinguised by the quality of the hs and the Finns did not crimp the primers.

I just checked my log and I have 3 different dates for the GMCS Syrian round. I’m not sure of the factory name, but I have seen it called “Military Establishment Damascus”.

Jon C–I have that round with 79, 80 & 81 dates. Are your 3 the same years?

#1 = Spreewerk Lubben


The 23 90 is from MFS (M

Ron - the headstamp picture is a little washed-out on my screen. However, if your number 3’s trademark is two curved arrows pointing in the opposite direction from each other, then the round is a product of the SUE “PA” Ulyanovsk Machinery Plant (also seen on brochures as the Ulyanovsk Machine Production Association, of 2 Metallistov, Ulyanovsk, 432031, Russia.

John–I would not have called them “arrows”, but now that you have, they do look like what you describe. Thanks.

John–After some digging on the internet I finally found a picture of the symbol. You were correct in your ID. the symbol for Ulyanovsk Machine Production Association, of 2 Metallistov, Ulyanovsk, 432031, Russia is the same as on my cartridge.

Thank you, everyone, for all the ID’s. All of those posted have now been ID’ed.

Ron, my Syrian rounds like yours are dated 79, 80, 83.

Here it is:

Ron - I called them “Arrows” in the sense of mechanical drawing, or even street and road signs, with “arrows” pointing direction, etc., not arrows from a bow and arrow, which have feathers that are usually depicted in one way or another when that type of an arrow is used as a symbol.

Glad everything got ID’s for you (and for the rest of us not into this caliber ourselves).