7.62x39 help needed

I received a letter from a non-IAA member requesting information on a 7.62x39 steel case with headstamp 23 (12o’clock) and 74 (6 o’clock).
He has a sealed tine of 660 rounds full of 20 round boxes.

On the tin is printed:

7.62 PS7.GS% s-23
43 M 660 DB 74-111
KARB. 84-[7] VUFL 12/73 51

Country of origin?
Steel core?
Year of manufacture?
Factory where made?
How did it get here, Macon, GA, USA?
Other info? Value?

Thanks for any help that I can relay to the requestor.


it is a Hungarian can, basically the printed information is

first line:
7,62 (calibre) PS (steel case ball) GS (steel case (I’d expect lacquered)) 23 (maker of the cartridges)
second line:
43 M (model 43) 660 DB (660 ea.) 74-111 (lot 111 of 1974)
third line:
KARB. 84-[7] (I don’t know) VUFL (powder type VUFL) 12/73 51 (lot/year code of powder maker)

Country of origin? Hungary
Steel core? Yes
Corrosive? Yes
Year of manufacture? 1974
Factory where made? Matravid

Thanks for the very quick and helpful information. I will relay the info to the requestor. I do not have the can to capture an image unfortunately.

Maybe he can?

I stumbled across this thread while trying to figure out my own spam can, which I now know is identical to this gentleman’s. Here’s a pic of mine: