7.62x39 hitenberger

i have one cartridge 7.62x39 made by hitenberger
steel lacquered green case and fmj bullet
headstamp :HP7.62x39
i only know brass cases for this manufacturer
what this steel case ?
thank for your response

Made in East Germany by the Konigswartha factory (05).


Come on, AKMS,
you know this better, 04 is K

You are correct Hans. I was in a hurry this morning. This darn work thing keeps getting in the way of cartridge collecting stuff! I have no proof that
"05" / Lubben made these cartridges (or at least the cases), but that is the information I have from multiple collectors…


I know how such mistakes sneak in, there was a too good number of such during my 2 years on this forum.
Ok, then I prefer to believe my eyes and bullheadedly keep my opinion about case and primer maker not having been 05/L

Who might have made it then? My specimen has lacquer color that looks identical to that from “05” specimens. What about the primer looks different? Not doubting you, just want to know more!


Aren’t these cartridges part of the scandal involving Hirtenberger and the Fritz Werner company, reported years ago in the German (BRD) press? As I recall, the Fritz Werner company sold Hirtenberger a 7.62 x 39 ammunition line, and that after testing and adjusting it, Hirtenberger removed the identication numbers and passed the machinery on to one of the two DDR factories. I forget some of this, and what I read was translated from the German press article. I recall that when the BDR inspected the factories after the fall of the DDR, they identified the source of the machinery from hidden ID numbers, much like the hidden VIN numbers on automobiles.

My information was that the HP headstamped rounds were actually loaded at Hirtenberger in the testing and adjustment of the machines prior to the shipment to the DDR.

I could be wrong in small details here - it has been a long time, and have just returned from a 4-day, 2000 KM driving trip,so I don’t feel like researching it tonight, and probably won’t have time for at least a week. Does anybody else know anything about this particular story? It sure would be nice to get the ID right on these. I have one of those rounds in my collection (yea, I admit it, I collect 7.62 x 39, but only from the DDR). And, I don’t trust what I read in the German press anymore than I do that which I read in the American press. There are few newspaper organizations in the world now that would recognize the truth if they tripped over it on the street, and that includes the European Press and the North American Press.

I fully agree with your thoughts about most of the press and I want to include even public radio and TV.

A few opinions deleted, not this forum.

It was not only Hirtenberger who passed embargoed technology across the iron curtain, did you know that for at least 5,45 barrels were forged on Steyr machines?

you made me open my late "Muna L