7.62x39 hs ID

Who made this case?

us.123rf.com/400wm/400/400/g0b/g … -white.jpg

EOD–I have a number of similar headstamped 7.62x39 but none with quite the same font. Have not seen this one before.

Alex, the font size and spacing is the same found in R-P cases but I have not seen this one before. Are you sure this headstamp actually exist and it was not digitally modified?

Fede, no idea, it is from a commercial site selling photos. I would not see the purpose of rendering it digital. In particular with an ejector mark.

Appears to be a small rifle primer and I have only seen Remington 7.62x39 with the SR primer pocket. Font appears to be Remington as well. JH

A closer look at the picture show some cloned spots which are typical of the Photoshop clone stamp tool.

The nickeled primer also indicates that this is not a Remington factory load and maybe was loaded by some other company. Here is compared with a R-P case loaded by Cor-Bon:

Fede, that seems to be it.
You think they just removed the manufacturer for what ever copyright reasons or so?

The website says “Royalty free stock photos” and this picture is offered for sale at different prices according to resolution (up to $38!!!) so copyright is probably the cause of the erased “R-P”. This kind of work is also typically used in magazine articles.

Having a fake image for 38$ is quite retarded in my view. Guess people simply do not care.
I should sell all my “real” images and become rich then…

Well, the web works in mysterious ways.

Here is another “clandestine” headstamp from the same website (more on the bottom):

123rf.com/photo_15123532_bul … ottom.html