7.62x39 HS questions

I am so new to this stuff I don’t even know how to search! I have come across some 7.62x39 ammo and don’t know what it is. Please help me identify it! Thanks! Jeffrey


A real fruit salad mix you’ve got there; the projectile shot shows some of these rounds with the remains of a green tip identifier, which is the marker for tracer rounds. As best as I can see from the headstamp shot, you’ve got:
Factory 711 - Russia
Factory 539 - Russia
Factory 270 - Russia
Factory 343 - Poland
And the rest appear to be Egyptian Factory 27, but I can’t see some of them very clearly.

The steel case Egyptian is a nice round.
When posting pics of multiple rounds, it’s best to show them in a line with the headstamps in the same order.

Glad to see your post. Enjoyed the telephone call last night.

Cheers, Lew