7,62x39 HU/BG/PL dummy


I am looking for information about the oldest Hungarian/Bulgarian/Polish dummy cartridge 7,62x39 in version - zink plated, spring inside case, various manufactures / 10(BG), 21(HU), 21(PL), 23(HU) or other if or different if it was.
I see on 7,62x39 Bulgarian and Hungarian Dummy 1958 oldest, i have a PL made 1958, anyone has older?


screen: municion.org

All I can contribute is that there is also a Romanian one with hs “22 59”.

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The earliest in my collection are
10 56 Copper plated steel
10 58 Zink plated steel

21 60 Zink plated steel (Hungary)

21 56 Copper plated steel (Poland)

22 60 Copper plated steel
22 60 Nickel plated steel

23 71 Zink plated steel
23 76 Nickel plated steel


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Its a version with spring and two holes in case? [i think typical with blank case]

I am curious about origin country of the construction “zink plated/spring/two holes”.

If it is about the combination of zink plating plus 2 holes plus spring I can only show you this