7,62x39 I.D

I think these are from Poland is this correct ?

Russia, KSPZ.
Tracers with almost black tips.

Hi Alex

no silencer ammo

Ah, black over green?

Thanks Danke…

The ogive alone tells it is no T-45 ;-)

Yes, it did as soon as Harrie said it is a “US” load. The color was too distracting. :-)

:) upside down “711 86”

What have I tracer or subsonic ?

Subsonic “US”.

Sorry for the former confusion.

Why the US and not the USSR?

Images below are from http://iaaforum.org/forum3/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=8497

US” are the Latin letters for the Russian Cyrillic letters “YC” as such the “US” has no relationship to US = United States.


I feel like an idiot :) Lost in Translation))

ok 100% a subsonic cartridge?

Yes, the colour colour coding on the box also sais subsonic.

101% :)

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УС stands for Уменьшенной Скорости that means reduced speed. You should find three rubber inserts for the PBS-1 (ПБС-1) silencer in the can.

BTW is there any other factory producing this load?

No, this cartridge equipped and equips only plant number 711, in the city of Klimovsk, but it happens that these cartridges are equipped with cases produced by other plants.

Such as cases by 539 (Tula), very early 1960s I seem to recall.


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