7.62x39 ID help

Who is SO?
Is 13 South Africa?

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th are Czech loads por police use made by Tormenta.


And “13” is no factory code but a load indicator: Ball 3rd modification

I read that SO is Finland Finnish Jestertoo is your cartridge a tracer?

SO is Sako from what Fede said earlier, which is Finland.
I thought it was ball (no color) but you might be onto something looking at the profile of the projectile.

Always one step behind!


If somebody is interested in that cardidges of Tormenta I will have some in Aerzen


Oy has the same meaning as “Ltd.” in English.


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The white plastic round has a steel case head and a lead bullet.

If somebody is interested in the experimental cardidges from prototypa. I have some pieces for change contact me per PM

Any clue what the plastic round is and who made it?

This is a Finnish experimental round (one of many) by Sako if I am not mistaken.

For reference on Finnish 7.62x39 I’d recommend the detailed book of Pitkänen & Simpanen (less the plastic cased ones as the date range of the book is not including them):

And for the plastic types in particular the book of Pauli Salo, not too much info there but almost all types are shown as color drawings:

Very different meaning in Yiddish!

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Jon, enlighten us please!

Oy vey!


Alex, as a German speaker, you probably understand much more than I do!

To some extent it may well be, though the “Yiddish” sounds sometimes funny to an untrained listener.
And plenty of Yiddish wording is in common German today.

So the “oy” is an expression of surprise or like in case of a mishap?

Any idea who made the plastic SRT round on the far left?

This should be Sako.