7.62x39 ID?


Just got this 7.62x39 at SLICS. It has a GM bullet, brass case, almost completely green nickel primer. No headstamp, but there are “pressed” areas on the base. Look familiar to anyone?


It’s got a Finnish look to me but isn’t that triangular mark caused by an ejector? And it looks to me as if there are the remains of a dark red annulus beneath the green. A reload?


I definately see a classic AK ejector mark on this case. The nickel primer with traces of a red seal say “reload” to me as well. Is the case brass or brass washed steel? The bright silver-ish color around the primer looks like steel to me, as if an annular primer crimp was removed on a brass washed steel case, leaving un-plated steel behind.

What does the whole cartridge look like? projctile cannelure, case mouth crimps, classic AK ejection dent in the side of the case?



Jon, can we get a side view of this cartridge?


Re-load or not, it still does not identify the origin of the case. I would agree the triangular mark is most likely an ejection mark, but the two other marks appear to be from an altered bunter. I would guess the arc depression at the top probably once said “7.62x39” and the other smaller mark at 4 o’clock was most likely a 2 digit date, if it was, why it is off center I have no idea. It would make more sense if there was a similar mark at 8 o’clock.


Is this OK for a side view? Let me know if you need more.

While I have you here, any ideas about the red primer on this Iraqi round? You can see much more red live.


I have Iraqi 7.62x39mm with all sorts of colored primer seals. I have not assigned any meaning to them…

The case sure looks to be reloaded. The dent on the side is from the empty case hitting the AK’s dust cover during ejection.

The projectile looks funny. The ogive looks wrong, like the projectile is from a 7.62x51mm cartridge. Can you weigh the round and compare to a normal brass cased ball cartridge?

The head markings could be from an altered bunter, but I wonder if they could also be from whatever tool was used during the reloading. The primer pocket looks like what you get after swedging out an annular primer crimp. Maybe the tool was crude and left these marks…

A nice mystery cartridge!



I have one in my collection, its a sub-sonic load 7.62x39mm made from a u.s. military arsenal(lake city or frankford) fired brass case loaded with a .308 diameter bullet and weighing 174 grains. it was loaded by a company in georgia (don’t know the name) in the 1970’s.


American Ballistics comes to mind since they did load subsonic stuff using commercial and/or once fired components, and also used green primer seals. They were in Marietta, Georgia.


Russ, any idea for who, or purpose?


I think these were before american ballistics hit the market.

just a guess-maybe made for the u.s.military.



my fading memory makes me believe me we had such items back in the late 70s; and the company name SIONICS jumps into my mind?!




sionics could be the maker-but I am not sure.