7.62x39 identification

Hello all of you.
I need information about this cartridge i have chose days ago.
Its a 7.62x39 cartridge.
I don’t know nothing from it but i think its an A.P. cartridge.
Very thanks for your help


This is a fake.
Caliber is 7.62x39.

yes, because east Germany has not produced such bullets…there are DDR AP rounds, but they look like normal bullets from outside…

Peter, yes, and also in 1977 this design did not exist and the source of these cartridges was best known for fakes by the boxload.

I undestand its a fake cartridge.
In future i will have a good collection about fake cartridges.
I was thinking about that before wrote this message
Thank you for your help



Unfortunately, it is probably possible to have a very, very large collection of fake cartridges.

John Moss

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Is the projectile from Finland or a complete fabrication?

The Finnish ones look different and have a TC core while the fake one here has a steel core.

Isn’t that a BZ bullet with removed cap?

Vince, no, the jacket is solid copper or tombak.

Here a pic of the two bullets.
On the right sight the DDR AP bullet and at the left the Lapua AP with tungsten core.

Regards Chris

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Great images, thank you for sharing!!!

The section of left cartridge is as mine. But is this bullet original from DDR?. I asked this because i understand is not original.

Pedro, the left one is very different from your’s.

Your’s has a steel core and a copper jacket (likely lathe turned).
The Finnish one here has a TC core and a soft iron jacket.

Also the shape of both is different.

Thanks Alex.
I have this Finnish AP you tell me.

Pedro, put both next to each other and you will recognize the diffrences.

Hi .
Give me time, i will take photos as soon as i can.
I will take photos from Lapua AP, 9X39 AP and this “AP” all together.

7.62x39mm AP from DDR? What is the designation and identification marking? Known headstamp?

Some of you asked me about photos from this " Ap" and other AP cartridges together.
I just take these photos
3 7.62x39
1 9x39