7.62x39 Incendiaries


The gentleman who traded with me for the a couple of cutaways sent me these two 7.62x39. He picked them up at a show and was never really sure what they are.
The blue tipped one is on a Wolf laquer steel case, the yellow tipped is on a S. African brass case 91/14 (JackWells has noted that this should be a ball round, and quite possible loaded in US). Any clue to who made these? Maybe Noerthern Arizona Munitions/ haak48?
Got a lot of good info on the 357 multiball, thanks all. wolfgang


I believe those are our bullets, but not our loaded ammunition. People have loaded these projectiles into just about every case imaginable. Those two you have illustrated are our standard length 7.62x39 projectile. We also make a bullet in that profile and diameter that is about 118 grains and about the length of the standard 7.62x39 tracer projectile. The longer bullet matches the M43 ball trajectories much better and can also be found mounted by various loaders in the 54r cartridge. I have added a video of these bullets being used in the .303 cartridge. As you can see, they give much better performance than their size might otherwise suggest. JH