7.62x39 Incendiary/Tracer

I have a 7.62x39, headstamp "539 (Cyrillic G for 1952). The bullet is a typical 2-piece Incendiary/Tracer type, which normally has a red bullet tip. However, this one has Purple over Red like a 7.62x54R PZ. Was this an early color code for I/T or is this something else.

Is the tip flat or pointed?

Jon C–The tip is aprox. 2.25mm wide.

I think what you are seeing is that the lacquer on the top is thicker than the area below the joint of the two piece tip. I assume this is from the cartridge being inverted as the lacquer dried. My specimen appears this way and gives the illusion of two different colors. Otherwise, I know of no two-color tip marking like you describe.


I think AKMS is right. Otherwise the color ocde would indicate API-T what would be wrong for an Inc-T anyways.
An image might help us here.

AKMS & EOD–I suppose it could be accumulated red paint. I thought of that, but it is quite distinctly purple, no hint of red. I will do my best to scan it, but my scanner does not do well on 3-dimensional objects.

Ron, that is pretty much what mine looks like.