7.62x39 Incendiary/ Tracer


The first picture is a comparison of the USSR on left with extra round and projectile, and on the right is a Peoples Rep. China(PRC). Both cut projectiles are not identical, the PRC has a different tracer cup, where as the USSR has more of a tracer sleve that is exposed to the lead just under the steel core. The USSR is a two piece bullet that has a brass tip and steel jacket lower 2/3, all copper washed. Also the incendiary mix washed out of the USSR tip from hydrostatic pressure. It has a special wolfgang mix that comes close.
Second picture is a close up of the Peoples Rep China, green laquer steel case, red tip, headstamp 501/81.
Third picture is a close up of the USSR, copper washed steel case, red tip, headstamp 539/A. wolf


Thanks for yet another interesting post. I’m impressed of your sectioned cartrigdes, and you have a good variety of interesting ammunition.