7.62x39 IT question

what do you guys think about this 7.62x39. is this a reload using Chinese brass or a real IT round.

what year did they start using colored primers instead of the color tip on the bullet?



Can you show a pic that shows the top of the bullet tip better? The tip of an I-T is generally wide, flat, and squared at the edges.

only camera i have here at work is my cell phone
if you need better pictures then these i can take some better ones when i get home
please let me know what you think


I think you have a fake loading.The projectile ojive is not shaped like any I/T ojive that I’m looking at.The color on an orig. I/T is also a deeper Red. I only have the one piece I/T projectile in the 501 series (1971-1984) prior to that PRC I/T’s were a two piece projectile,starting with 31 57 with Red tip ,and clear PA.,also none of my I/T’s have the deep cannelour groves like shown.I have never heard of the PRC using PA colors to indicate the loading ,other than the 501’s. ,and on some of the 501 I/T and Tracers the PR. was never colored (25 rd packs of Tracer or I/T, usually had 13 with Tip & PR color,12 w/o PR. color).I have only seen the 9141 75 in Ball,and Rubberised Black plastic Projectile and PR.dummy,your case is CWS.,not Brass.Sorry,but trust the Info. will be of use.Again I could be wrong,as there are always new rds. turning up.

Charles.J.Wells (Jack)
SGM. USA. Ret.

I have to agree with Jack, the ogive is too pointed, and the tip is too rounded (if that makes sense).

thanks guys for the reply
this was my gut feeling also but just wanted to make sure.

100% that is a ball projectile with a fake red tip.

Jack, I used to have a “31” coded tracer with a solid green primer color. CWS case, date around 1968 or so. I’ll have to go check my notes… My theory is that the primer color code was done for the rear-loading drum magazine for the Type-81 (?) LMG.

Edit to add:

Now that I think about it, I had a tracer “reload” that used a normal steel core ball projectile drilled-out to accept a tracer mix. Tip color was very,very similar. This particular cartridge had a different headstamp, and dated back to the late 1980s when these “aftermarket reloads” first started to appear. Perhaps this is what you have. What is the provenance of the cartridge?