7.62x39 Key Chain


This is a key chain made to look like a 7.62x39 from Russ Cornell. We could not tell if it was real or not, and something was not right with the metal. Brass coated steel case with copper plated steel empty bullet jacket. (Had no core) No powder in case. 16 or 18/95 headstamp.
I pulled projectile and ground down case with no problems, never noticing the case head seperating. After finishing sanding, fingered the case head a bit when it fell out into my lap. Everything fits so tight that nothing was glued back together. Thanks Russ for everything, wolf


So it is NOT a real cartridge!? But why would one not use regular real used cartridges for key chains? It must be much cheaper to recycle than to make de novo!


…unless you have legal restrictions in exporting or importing these… (or the maker/seller was just smart enough to predict the thoughts of overpaid clerks trying to justify themselfes by acting against keychains in order to enhance public safety or prevent international arms transfer - a very modern and wide spread disease)