7.62x39 Load Types--Revised List

Here is the latest 7.62x39 Load Types–Revised List.

I have added Ball-Steel Core for MILITARY FMJ and Ball–Lead Core for CIVILIAN FMJ. Are there any Military FMJ with a lead core?

For right now I have still left both Gallery and Short Range on the list. To me, a Gallery load is one intended for use on indoor ranges while Short Range are for restricted distance outdoors. Using this definition, does anyone know of any true Gallery or Gallery, Tracer loads, or should I drop this load type from the list?

Is the “Barrel Wear Test” legitimate or should it be removed from the list?

7.62 X 39


I also have a South African Pressure-Test, hole in the side, and slotted base. the headstamp is 12 87.

Sorry, no black tip. Drove myself crazy looking in the drawers for a black-tip round!!!

Jon–Thanks for the new information. I have edited the list above to add Pressure Test.

When I started this list I had no idea there were so many different load types in 7.62x39.

Jon–Could you post a picture of this round showing the hole and slot?

South African pressure-test round.

This is good stuff. I copied it into a Word document for future reference.