7,62x39 made by DAG

I like to show this cartridge
for firing tear smoke grenades TW 703-24
from rifle AK-47
LOT DAG 1-80
no headstamp…
I like to see a pict of these grenades?

I like that plastic bag!

Here the grenade:

lexpev.nl/grenades/europe/ne … rw703.html

Nice package! There are different propelling cartridges used with a whole series of grenades of this type, including 9 mm Parabellum, .223 Remington, .30 Carbine, 7,62 x 39 mm M43, 7,62 x 51 mm NATO and 4 ga. signal.

Those are very cool!

Thanks EOD for the link, but wy this caliber 7,62x39 AK 47 and for with country were they made?
Because the rifle grenades are German! and West-Germany did not have the AK47 in there army,I think…

I have these grenades in my collection used by the Dutch police for the carabine .30M1


Can you show us a good picture of the .30 Carbine round, out of the platic bag, along with a picture of its headstamp?

John headstamp DAG .30M1

Gyro, the ones in 7.62x39 were for export to some African country I been told.

Harrie - Thanks. I have about six variations of these DAG .30 Carbine blanks, representing, I believe, at least four different types. When I have a chance, I will photograph them and ask some questions about them. I think I will start a new thread with it though, unless folks think it should be on this one. It appears I have the one you pictured

The African country name I heard in this context was Libya.


The African country name I heard in this context was Libya.


Ah, interesting to hear. Wouldn’t they have used Arab script on these?

Not necessarily as you can take from the images we saw from there during the past months.


Right you are. I just thought that these here were made to a specific order while the other stuff we have seen in the news was off the surplus stocks of all sort of dubious sources.


I don’t mean to say the original buyer was Libya, I only heard the name and never saw a proof for this. Not sure if DAG would have got an export license with a Liban end-user certificate those days btw.


Of course I forgot that we deliver arms only to certain dictatorships and selfish war mongers. Seems Lybia ended on the wrong list then. But since yesterday things have changed and we will supply them well in near future.

But again you are right, I have seen German ammunition being used down there (flash bangs) which according to the lot-# were made for 2 other countries. The system of middle men (countries) still works nicely.