7,62x39 made in China

Found this box at SLICS
I have no cartridge at this box
my question is what is the headstamp of this cartridge

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It is hard to be 100% sure but according to Jorion & Regeinstreif, they did produce a “CNIC 7,62x39” hs with the “CNIC” at 6 o’clock.

This box and the ammunition that will be found in it pre-dates the “7.62x39 CNIC” headstamp by many years. The headstamps in this style of box are from factory “71” with dates in the mid-1980s. Chocolate brown lacquered steel cases with steel cored projectiles. This is one of the first types of commercial Chinese 7.62x39mm boxes (and ammuniton) to arrive in the US.


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Gyrojet, if you want a example. I have one from the 90’s for you. See you saterday.

Does anyone have an image of the “7.62x39 CNIC” hs that they could post on this forum. Thanks