7,62x39 maximum range

Please tell me, if someone knows, what is maximum bullet range of 7,62x39 round fired at approximately 45 degrees angle.

Depends on bullet weight, barrel length, powder charge, wind, elevation, etc… But “FredLee” at the below link claims that a 7.62x39 lobbed at a 45 angle will go roughly 2 miles, while another member there claims 1200yds which is less than a mile. Another member points out that the bullet drop is 108" at 500 yds (when fired horizontal). In any case it should certainly be less than 2 miles, and more than 0.75 miles in most circumstances.


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Maximum range at 45 degrees is only reached in a vacuum.

When shooting in the earth’s atmosphere, maximum range for rifle cartridges is achieved at somewhere between 30 and 35 degrees elevation. According to Swiss ballistician Beat Kneubühl the maximum 7.62x39 range at 32 degrees is 2710 m. At 45 degrees the range will be 2571 m.
Remember, this are computed figures. Paper is patient, as we say in Germany and an error margin of 300 to 400 m should be no surprise. I doubt that anybody ever seriously tested it.

That works out to around 1.5 miles which sounds just about right. Wind however, and other variables will be major factors.