7.62x39 North Korea Factories

Does anyone have ANY information about the factory names and locations of the North Korea makers??

The second question is: does anyone have ANY information about the succession of the letter coded years?
My assumption is
because that is their succession in the “alphabet”. Any serious confirmation?

The third question is: when did they actually start and did they end in 1969/70?

Do we know what they have produced at all?

As much as I know they produced ball and tracers in two facilities. Firstly marking ▲ and ▼, later 93 and 95. Typing this I don’t mean to say that ▲ became 93!!!

Edited to render more precision.

Hans–How did you get the triangles to print?

I don’t have an English Windows before my eyes and must tell from my worn out memory:
Click through the Start menue of your computer, accessories, system programmes, charactermap (charmap or something like this). There you find the character set your standard font contains. You copy from there and insert into your post.

Hans–THANK YOU!!! That is so nice. At last, I can insert Cyrillic, Arabic, etc. in my cartridge catalog. Plus, I found another XP program called Private Character Editor. It allows you to design your own special characters. I’m going to try it to make a NATO symbol.

Ron, open your Word programme, there look for “Insert” and there go for “Symbol”, that’s it.

Also try the font style “Wingdings” (there are 3 sets or so).

thank you, that was a great find! This will be great for pdf-ed or printouts, but will it work on another computer from a sent file? From the description I read I understand it will not.