7.62x39 Question

Hello all,

I recently got some 7.62x39 ammo that is supposed to have a steel core. The bullet is magnetic from tip to mouth. I shot these at a 1/2 inch steel plate and penatration was comparable to a ball round…is there any way to tell for sure [besides sectioning] of the load??


I think if you pull the bullet you can tell. A shorter flat-base bullet will be lead core, a longer boat-tail will be steel core.
I did not stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night, so I could be wrong.

Steve - pull one and slice it open. It only takes a couple of minutes and then you’ll know for sure. The experts can probably tell with 99% certainty, but even they can be wrong. If you can’t section one, mail it to me and I’ll do it. Then both of us will know. Only costs a dollar.

Check your e-mail later today. Incoming.


Got one projectile sectioned today. It does indeed have a mild steel core. Penetration was poor, would not penetrate 1/2 inch steel plate. On the other hand the 5.56 loaded with the SS-109 didnt have a problem blasting right through the 1/2 inch plate.


Steve–What is the headstamp. Are they Brass, Lac. Steel or CWS cases?


The one I sectioned is a CWS case, h/s 317 92.


Yes the projectile is a boat tail with an open base.

I will take apart the other round shortly.