7.62x39 Questions

I have a round with the headstamp “F D P 7.62X39 02” I was told this was Greece. What does “F D P” stand for?

Another headstamp from China: 0501 704. Question: 1970 0r 1974 production (lacquered steel case–all green primer, red casemouth). Also, it has the tracer style bullet shape, but no tip color. Is it tracer or ball?

Your first one should be “EDP” and it’s Greek, or at least “Olympic” brand. I don’t think there is a consensus on what the letters mean yet.

The Chinese round is a Tracer, and is 1970 dated. First year for “501”. All other headstamps follow the traditional format; “501 71”, “501 72”, etc… The green primer seal is the ID point. Tip colors were often missing, even in the same box. Keep in mind that the Chinese drum magazines fill from the rear, so being able to ID the load type from the base makes sense…


AKMS–Thanks for the info. Your right it is EDP. The primer stake was right at the bottom and without a magifying glass it looked like a F