7.62x39 "Red Army" ID of manufacturer

I just have found this image in the web and all points to TCW/TPZ.
Can anybody confirm the headstamp in these boxes or can come up with more images (other sides) of the box?


Hi Alex,

Yes, they are made in Russia by TCW and headstamp is “T (logo) Tulammo 7.62x39”. You can find it in three different variations:

  • AM3092 (20 rd. box in 1000 rd. cardboard case).
  • AM3266 (20 rd. box in 640 rd. sealed can).
  • AM3265 (brass jacket, 20 rd. box in 1000 rd. cardboard case).



Fede, thanks a lot. Good to have this detail!

I have some red army ammo with the headstamp:
REDARMY 10 7.62X39


Is this a military ammunition or hunting ones? Also has russian made brass jacketed ammunition for military applications, other than (M43 PRS) (that’s if it is a military ammunition)?

Thank you

do you had picture of these “brass” cased russian rounds ?
i think is more brass plated steel cases (the color is very distinctive from “real” brass rounds

Not at all, this is a commercial line made by many different manufacturers for Century International Arms, Inc. of Delray Beach, FL, USA.

Are you sure the PRS was brass jacketed? To what I know the PRS series never was officially adopted and developed for the MIA / Police and not for the military.