7.62x39 Tracer?


Anybody know what is the trace distance?

  • @ stanc: For the Romanian made 7.62X39 ammo (made in early 1960s, brass cartridge cases, bullet with green tip, headstamped for example “22 RPR 63”) the approx. distance the tracer light could be seen was no longer than 600 - 700 meters. Liviu 12/27/09


The only 7.62x39 tracer ammo I ever had in amounts great enough to shoot, was 1974 dated green tipped Yugo nny head stamped ammo. I bought 100 rounds of this ammo on stripper clips about 5 years ago.
Shooting on a 600 yard range, the green color emiting tracers appeared to light up around 50 yards down range and burned out about 300 to maybe 350 yards down range.


Prvi Partisan’s catalog says trace from 115 to 800 meters. I shot some IK 89 tracer a few years back and thought it began to trace sooner than that…

Since the Yugo tracer is very similar to the Soviet T-45, I suspect similar trace length…



Thanks, guys. I sure didn’t expect such wide variance in trace distance.



did you keep any of the boxes? I’m wondering about the designation because current Yugo designation is M78.


And here is what IK specifies:

Dim trace to
min 15 m from weapon,
visible from
max 115 m to
min 800 m from weapon



There were no boxes.
I just bought 10, 10 round stripper clips of the ammo.
The cases were brass, but berdan primed.
I kept one stripper clip of the ammo for my collection, and either shot or traded off the other 90 rounds.