7.62x39 USA + 1 USSR Subsonic


First picture:
FC - Military contract over run.
Winchester Solid Point.
Reformed 7.62x45 to 39mm by TCCI for US Goverment.
No Headstamp Bell military contract over run.
No headstamp Lake City ball, using jacket mfg. using 7.62x51 tracer GMCS cups.
No headstamp Frankfort Arsenal (FA), Orignal type 4 prototype blank, no powder.
USSR subsonic 711/78, no powder. Don’t know why its in pic?
Second Picture closeup of the FA drawing? Drawing right?
Third and forth picture: USSR subsonic steel core, black and green tip.
Last picture is comparison of the TCCI 7.62x39, to a 7.62x45 (M52).
Ever notice that the USA uses a single primer hole technology, when everyone else has two. Even 7.62x45/ 39 has offset single primer hole. wolf


Allow me to add a few comments to this:
1.The Reformed 7.62 x 45 to 7.62 x 39 by TCCI,were part of a 1 Million rd. contract for the U.S. Government. Most of these were shipped to MMD for further shipment to the National Tng. Center,and other tng. units,The Foreign Weapons section of Special Forces Tng. Gp.received quite a few for student Tng.If memory serves me after 40+yrs. at least 30% were no fire due, to dud primers
2. Proto type 4 Blank,FA had trouble with these as part of the end would break away upon firing,this was corrected by making the case thicker.The one display was from a lot of the proto type, were destroyed by burning.Bill Wooden did an article on U.S. (FA & LC.) produced 7.62 x 39 Ammunition.In one of the ICCA Journals years ago. I do not have the Article at hand ,again if memory serves me the proto type had a Black/Purple Pa., and the accepted type 4 had a Red Pa.Exterior wise they are the same.


Here are my 5 cents :)

In 1993 Russian plant 711 has introduced 7.62x39 with surrogate subsonic bullet:

Photo from another forum.