7.62x39 what is it?


Looks like something from WW2
Chinese 7.62x39 1985



Italian 7.7mm (.303) API projectile stuffed in a 7.62x39mm case. Gunshow special or Bubba load!


Above image is from: http://www.munizioni.eu/component/content/article/13-italiane/198-le-7-7-breda-safat.html


Might lose fingers if you try to pull them with an inertial puller!


That’s what I figured.
I was cataloging my 7.62x39 and came across it.


Hahahaha wow. The things you find.

Bubba has finally started his own ammo line.


Hi Bruce,

This cartridge was loaded by C&T Enterprises Inc. of Tucson, Arizona. I have pictures of an identical cartridge coming from them, same headstamp.




Thanks Fede


Interesting. So a commercial company in the US breaking down surplus API .303 ammunition and reloading into 7.62x39 for commercial sale?

Wouldn’t a .303 bullet be too heavy and maybe too long for a 7.62x39 rifle?


Going the other way,not uncommon in NZ to get your 7.62 x 39mm rifle rechambered for .303,a common model is the Baikal single shot. Apparently the bore is the same as the .303 (7.7mm).
Makes for a nice light full power rifle.


The bullets are the same diameter, but different weights and therefore twists in the barrel.

It was common here in Australia to have an Enfield re-chambered to 7.62x39 when the .303 surplus dried up and the x39 surplus came on the market.

I’ve never heard of a 7.62x39 being re-chambered to .303 though. There would be a lot of work for that.


Actually altering a Lee Enfield in .303 for the 7.62 x 39 is a lot of work too, as it’s not simply rechambering (i.e. reaming the chamber) but involves setting the barrel back and chambering for the shorter round, and as well as altering the extractor and magazine. Jack


Not sure if it is a lot of work, the Baikal rifles are break open action,so really only rechamber and a bit of mod to the ejector i would think.I have used one and it seemed fine, a nice light rifle,was also silenced. Modding a .303 anything to 7.62x39 would seem to be a slightly perverse activity.