7.62x39 with no maker ID

I have two 7.62x39 that I can only guess at the maker.

#1–Ball loading; No Headstamp; bright blue primer annulus, flat nickled primer. It looks to me like a Lake City made round. If so, what was it for? If not, who did make it and for what purpose.

#2–Ball load; Headstamp just “1985” at 6; flat brass primer with red annulus. It looks to be a product of Yugoslovia. What purpose?

#1 sounds much like a product of Bell.

Could you show us some images please.

EOD–I could post an image, but there really is nothing to show. The cartridge looks like a standard brass cased ball round, Nothing of note. The head is just a standard head with no headstamo. The blue PA seal has been applied in the standard military fashion where a drop of lacquer was applied to one side of the primer and it then ran around the entire primer. This round looks like the Lake City stuff produced for Camboda and clandestine purposes back about 1970 which had the standard Lake City shade of red PA seal with no headstamp.

Ron, do you really think that no image will make the id easier?
Give us a chance.

I am sure the round with the large nickel primer and blue seal was made by Bell. It has nothing to do with Lake City, as far as I know. I don’t know the purpose (destination) for either of the two rounds you asked about, but can tell you that the “1985” round from Yugoslavia, Privi Partizan as I recall, was sold by the box in the USA, from Hansen originally, I think. I could be wrong about that. It is hard to remember all the ammunition that went through our store. We sold hundreds of thousands of rounds a year of target ammo.

I agree though with EOD - perhaps the time a picture is MOST useful is with unheadstamped rounds. There are so many that describe the same, but look totally different!

I agree that the first round is a product of BELL. The nickel primer and blue PA are dead giveaways. I was told by a collector in California back in the early 1990’s when these first appeared, that these rounds were originally made for the US Govt. to supply friendly groups in Central America. Some ended up in the shooter market eventually These BELL cartridges date from the late 1980’s to early 1990’s IIRC.

The Yugo “1985” cartridges also had a Central American connection, so I was told, but since they also turned up in commercial packaging, I more doubt this story.


OK,OK!! I give up. Here is a picture. I was too lazy last night to bother to scan and upload the picture. I figued this was one case where a picture really dosn’t add anything to the description.

That picture looks like the Bell round I used to have in my dupes. Unfortunately, I don’t have it anymore to compare. EOD - can you confirm?

It is confirmed that this is a Bell made round. I got this round about 1985. At the time I wrote “Bell” on the side of it, but in my hazey condition last night and the bad handwriting, I thought it said “Ball” to indicate the load. Now I see it actually does say “Bell”

The #2 round with “1985” headstamp is most likely a Hansen Import. It was in a box with a bunch of other Hansen stuff.

You and Ron figured it out already, can’t help much.