7,62x39 with yellow tip


Happy new year to all.

I have an chinese 7,62x39 cartridge with yellow tip color in my collection .
I dont found the yellow tip in the soviet or chinese color schema. Anybody has a idea?


This has been identified as a “Reference” or “Ballistic Standard” load by the Foreign Weapons Test Branch at The US Army Aberdeen Proving Grounds. It comes in a standard metal “spam can” with the typical chinese markings but with the addition of a phrase in RED Chinese charachters that translated to something akin to “Reference” or “Standard” or the like. Somewhere I had a picture or description of this can, but I’m not able to locate it. There are a few headstamps with the yellow tip but by far the most common is “661 76” if I recall correctly. It also has a faint red-orange primer seal, which is an unusual color for Chinese 7.62x39mm. The last time I saw some of these they were selling for about $5.00 each, but no doubt they sell for more nowadays.


Thank’s for the info.
My cartridge has the “661 76” headstamp and a red primer seal too.


I have a round with an all black “wood” bullet with the bright yellow tip with a shorter bullet profile or 2-3 mm (yes my battery is dead in my digital)…head stamp 31 63…bought from a very reputable source at the 1988 Chicago IAA (then ICCA) show and I was told then it too is a Chinese reference round…sound right ?



That is one I have not heard of before. I have seen two different Chinese wood bulleted blanks from the 60’s and 70’s time frame, but both were plain, uncolored wood. I cannot make a logical connection between a wood bulleted cartridge and a reference load. Perhaps someone else can shed some light on this one?



I can’t make much connection between a wood-bulleted round and reference ammo either. All I could figure is that if the Chinese use a blank adaptor with the AK so it will fire full auto, that they might make “reference” blanks carefully loaded for testing blank adaptors for perfect functioning. My take is that is what reference rounds are for - testing werapons for function, and taking away aa much possibility that a malfunction is ammo-caused, rather than weapon-caused, as possible. I find it hard to fathom, but ever since I got German .25 auto wax-bullet proof loads (yes, wax-bullet proof loads) for proofing blank and tear gas guns, I believe anything! I would not have believed the pr5oof loads I got, except they came to me in the original box!